Open Solutions: 


Holbrook Service provides open hvac solutionsNot only can Holbrook Service provide quality HVAC maintenance and repairs, but our requirements analysis to collect and understand our customers is unparalleled. Once we understand our customers, we provide flexible and tailored expertise to the project at hand. 

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Installation & Repair Experts: 

 Holbrook Service installing new chiller

Holbrook Service is the expert that you want installing HVAC systems in commercial and industrial settings. Our impressive list of satisfied customers includes major department retail stores, sporting goods and home improvement chains, as well as leading space-age companies, national manufacturers, utlitilies and shopping malls.


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Preventative Maintenance:


Holbrook Service preventative maintenance


Your facilities HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) performance should be a transparent element of day-to-day operations. 


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Facility Controls: 

Holbrook Service showing hvac facility automation 

We are your consultants in implementing the right controls for your facility to allow the right control at the right time. Our flexible solutions allow for in or out of facility control. Controlling your facility has never been easier and more mobile. 











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